Discover U Summit
21 Days From Stuck To Thriving

Mind. Body. Relationships.

May 1st - 21st, 2021

21 Days. 21 Speakers. 21 Steps to a Prosperous U.


  • Let go of fears & limiting beliefs
  • Understanding personal power
  • ​Importance of Self Worth
  • ​Healthy Lifestyle habits
  • Self Love & Personal Boundaries 
  • ​Healthy Eating, simplified
  • ​Finding purpose & meaning

Relationship Discovery

  • Relationship 101: healthy vs unhealthy
  • What healthy communication looks like
  • ​Developing mutual respect & understanding
  • Learning to listen
  • ​Resolving conflict positively
  • ​Being vulnerable & honest with partner
  • ​Developing a deeper love


  • Mindset tools
  • Utilizing the Slight Edge
  • ​Communication Techniques
  • ​Boundary tools
  • ​Love expressing tools
  • ​Forgiveness Mantra
  • ​Unleash your power within
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Guest Experts / Speakers & Topics

Amy Sanders

The Host 

Amy Sanders is a master certified wellness and life coach. For more than two decades she has taught and inspired thousands of women through weight loss, mindset and relationships. Amy works with women to uncover their purpose and help them release the deep rooted beliefs that hold them back in life. This includes helping women heal from divorce, abuse, and other life altering circumstances that cause trauma in women and keep them from reaching their true potential.

She is an entrepreneur by heart and has built multiple successful businesses. Currently she owns and operates Lone Peak Dance & Fitness Studio and is recognized as one of the top fitness trainers in Utah. She graduated with a BS degree in exercise science, holds over 30 fitness and nutrition certifications, and is a certified master life coach. Her work in the fitness & wellness industry paved a path to life coaching which is where she spends the majority of her time now.

Week 1 - Self Discovery

Stephanie Pletka

 Day 1: The Importance Of Self Worth

Stephanie Pletka is a speaker, writer and author of Living Your Best Life. With humor, she inspires women through story telling, offering actionable steps to living a happier, freer, unstuck life. A Southern transplant, she lives in Scottsdale, AZ with her husband and 4 kids, exploring the beauty of the West.

IG @stephaniepletka
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My favorite quote: Be Yourself, everyone else is already taken. Oscar Wilde

Dr. Jessica Emery

Day 2: Letting Go Of Limiting Beliefs

Hello! I'm Dr. Jessica Emery, a cosmetic dentist and passionate marketing maven. I'm all about spreading smiles, fostering community, and having fun! I built both Sugar Fix Dental Loft and White Haute Teeth Whitening Bar completely from scratch. Through my experience building these dental brands, I learned that it takes intentional action to build a reputation. You have to put yourself out there. Every. Single. Day. My love for all things marketing has led me to create dental soiree, A Boutique Branding and Marketing Agency. We help dental professionals showcase their brand through the lens of social media. I also started Dental Girl Gang, a community of women in dentistry where we are designing our dream lives together. I have a podcast called "The Dental Diaries" where I interview amazing women dentalpreneurs. I have also become a Fitness Coach and have created an accountability group I have named, "Smiles and Situps." 

Carly Brecheisen

Day 3: Learning To Love Your Imperfectly Perfect Body

Carly Brecheisen grew up in Lehi, Utah and currently resides in Utah with her husband and 4 children.

She has been a group fitness instructor since 2011, teaching High fitness and Hip-hop. She also is frequently asked to create DJ music mixes, choreograph dance numbers, and host themed dance events.

She has used her platform to proactively seek out those in her community with significant life challenges and holding frequent fundraisers in their support. Carly’s style is truly unique, brightening the world with rainbows and unicorns, and always inspiring and empowering women with her signature motto: “Jiggle is Good”.

Kathleen Cameron

Day 4: Manifesting You're Dream Life Into Reality

Chief Success and Manifestation Officer, Founder of Diamond Academy

Kathleen has led her team to incredible heights through the power of manifestation. Having manifested 3.3 million dollars in sales, during a global pandemic. She has since become the top PGI Consultant, a task few have ever been able to accomplish - in record time. As a current Inner Circle Member and Diamond Pin Holder, Kathleen shares her knowledge and expertise with all of whom she connects with.

Prior to this incredible success, Kathleen was a nurse and high-level network marketer. She holds multiple degrees, is a leadership expert, and has been able to transfer her knowledge to so many others in a way that brings everyone's vibration up alongside hers. Kathleen went from making $3,000 a month to over $300,000 a month with her determination, unwavering belief, and incredibly mentorship by Bob Proctor himself. She has a wealth of knowledge to offer and can help any person through mindset in any walk of life. 

Trainer Lindsey Matthews

 Day 5: Ten Healthy Habits To Help You Thrive

Lindsey Mathews, aka Trainer Lindsey, has a passion for helping women realize that they really CAN reach their fitness goals and it can actually be fun! In addition to her growing online coaching business that she has owned for the last 15 years, she has also trained clients one on one in a gym setting and owned the largest boot camp program in her county.

Her passion for health and fitness is the driving force behind the quality and success of the coaching and challenges that so many people have come to love and trust. She has helped hundreds of thousands of women build confidence and reach their fitness goals. Lindsey is a self proclaimed home body and in her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband and three kids and hanging out in her backyard.

Sarah Ashley Wheeler

Day 6: Shifting To Your Next Level By Recoding The Resistance

Sarah Ashley is known as The Energy Queen. She has an abundant amount of energy and becomes instant besties with everyone she associates with. Her positive outlook and rare story have led her to become an energy healer and help people rewire their thinking and energy. 

She helps women around the globe tap into their spiritual gifts, shift their energy around anything and embody their most authentic powerful self in the world.

Brittany Williams

Day 7: Loving Yourself First

Brittany Williams is a life coach and relationship expert who prides herself in living in her truth. As a certified life coach and relationship expert, Brittany helps women ages 25-45 who suffer from insecurities in their relationship to gain trust in their inner POWER! With a unique background and experience, she is able to relate with women who are struggling in life and in their relationships. 

Brittany was in a mentally and emotionally abusive relationship that was damaging to her self-esteem and view of her self-worth. Because of the insecurities she experienced from that relationship, she couldn’t bring herself to leave that relationship until she had an epiphany: she was deserving of a better, more purposeful life. 

Now, she uses her platform to share her story and experiences with other women to help them identify their struggles/pain and turn them into radiating confidence, self-trust and POWER. 

Week 2 - Relationship Discovery

Dr. Gertrude Lyons

Day 8: Seven Rules of Engagement that Lead to Relationship Success

Dr. Lyons is a leading edge trainer and educator in human emergence,
lifestyle, parenting, leadership development, career, relationship satisfaction
and success, and women’s development, and through her work inspires
people to take control of their own personal transformations. She has made
it her mission to challenge traditional notions of mothering by facilitating raw,
open conversations around mothering, womanhood, and parenthood that no
one else is having. She has spent the last 18 years empowering individuals,
couples, parents and families to bring out their best selves through helping
them realize meaningful, successful lives, with the aim of bringing new
perspectives on personal transformation to as many people as possible.
Today, Dr. Lyons is on a mission to help women reclaim their lives through
mothering and create a safe space where women can express their dreams,
fears, and truths around motherhood. We are all mothers, and together we
can support and empower one another to be the best versions of ourselves

Jo Ann Kobuke

Day 9: Enjoying The Motherhood Journey And Live Regret Free

Jo Ann Kobuke is a coach for midlife women, helping them answer the question…what’s next. Like so many women, she put herself on hold while she pursued a career and created a life for her family. Then her kids did exactly what they were supposed to do…they left the nest. It was a challenging time and it led Jo Ann to examine what she wanted for her life as she watched her children launch their lives. There was serious soul searching about who she was, what was important to her now, and where her strengths lay, before she decided to become a certified coach and create her coaching practice to help other women navigate the challenges she had faced. That's how Midlife Rewritten was born. Now she helps midlife women believe in themselves, find their own answers, and have a life
they’re excited to live.

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Cricket Crockett

Day 10: The Difference Between Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships

As a faith walking fierce champion for women, Cricket Crockett has gone from the classroom, to a top-level leader in direct sales, to coaching, all while experiencing her own “pause pressing” moments along the way. She is known as a dynamic leader, best-selling author, speaker and storyteller who partners with women to help them dig deep, find clarity and reignite a renewed purpose for life. 

With over 17 years of top-level direct sales leadership experience building a large national team, and former elementary teacher, Cricket understands how a busy lifestyle and high achievement have the potential for burnout. She uses her passion to share a message of self-compassion, self-care and mental health to women while coaching or speaking at retreats and large conferences. She continues to be a pioneer and advocate for women to recognize the power of pressing pause while navigating their successful lives in order to avoid burnout and achieve clarity and next steps, as well as to begin to truly enjoy the hustle. 

Bianca Alexander

Day 11: Breaking Free From Co-Dependency 

Host, Conscious Living on PBS and Amazon Prime 
Bianca is the host and creative director of Conscious Living. Bianca graduated from Princeton University with a B.A. in Spanish and French languages and literature and then the University of Virginia Law School, which primed her for a successful career as a Hollywood entertainment attorney at Paramount Motion Pictures and currently as show attorney for The Kelly Clarkson Show. After stepping in front of the camera to host cable TV shows on Lifetime and TV One, Bianca later combined her passion for media and social justice to launch Conscious Living with her husband, muse and business partner Michael.
A few years later, she won an Emmy for her role as “Outstanding On-Camera Correspondent” on Conscious Living’s original series, Soul of Green, a lifestyle news program about urban sustainability airing on Fox. Bianca is also an award-winning fellow of the Association of Health Care Journalists and USC’s Annenberg School of Health Journalism.    

Bianca’s devoted to creating a more just and sustainable fashion industry, and has served as a founding board member of Fashion Revolution USA and executive producer of several headlining eco-fashion runway shows across the U.S. 

A passionate wellness advocate, Bianca is also a certified yoga instructor, second-degree Reiki master, eco-artist and certified plant-based nutritionist. From daily meditation, sporting ethical fashion and following a vegan diet while documenting the best healing travel around the world, she’s committed to the lifelong journey of mindful living. In addition to her work on Conscious Living, Bianca has contributed to many mindful publications, including Spirituality & Health Magazine.

Elisa James

Day 12: Your Voice. Your Asset. 

Elisa James is an international performer with over 30 years’ world-wide experience.
Starting as an acrobatic-dancer, actor & trapeze artist at a very young age, she eventually switched to singing full time and re-located from Australia to Europe in 1995 with a recording contract.

After 20 more years of touring, recording and performing all over Europe and the USA, Elisa recently moved back to Australia. She now appears regularly on TV and film as an actor and presenter, and is booked as a speaker for live events.

Elisa loves sharing her passion for the voice, and is expert in the psychology behind your vocal sound - uncovering the mental, physical and emotional blocks that affect speaking. Elisa holds a Master’s Degree in Voice, and a Masters in Holistic Health and teaches Vocal Mastery and Vocal Maintenance workshops for all professional voice-users. 

Robin Stebbins

Day 13: Recognizing the Difference Between Challenging vs. Narcissistic Relationships

Robin Stebbins a licensed Registered Nurse (R.N.), Bachelor of Science Psychiatric R.N., Certified Health Coach at Purify Within, Podcaster at Medicine Girl, and runs WildSky Retreats. 

Robin helps people to ignite your inner healer, tap into the bodies healing power, clearing away the need for toxic drugs and harmful procedures. When flowing with our bodies rhythm you will effortlessly lose excess weight, release addictions, alleviate depression and anxiety to live healthier, wealthier and laugh out loud happier.

Robin wants everyone to know this: an extraordinary life doesn’t just happen.The hero must leave the the crowd of spectators, stand in the arena, open hearted and lay down their armor as they valiantly show their true self, ultimately fulfilling the souls destiny. It won’t be easy, but a life lived vibrantly, untethered, and in harmony with the spirit is the path to true abundance, wealth and legacy You are a warrior. Don’t leave the call unanswered, pass on with your gifts unopened.

Aurora Light 

Day 14: The Super Power of The Silver Lining

Aurora Light is a Conscious Creation & Voice Activation coach here to remind you of who you really are: A multidimensional, magical being of light who came here to create, play, learn, grow and share your unique soul essence with the world. 

Aurora empowers visionary leaders to become conscious creators of their reality, ready to take a quantum leap ahead in their business and life using mindset, creative expression and multidimensional mastery through Belief Re-pattering, DNA activation, Light Language & Joyful Alchemy. Aurora bridges the intergalactic spiritual truths with practical action steps, integrating body, mind, and soul, and helps people go from fearing their spiritual gifts to activating the superpower of their own light by balancing the elemental forces of creation. 
Aurora loves holding space for these epic transformations as a speaker, bestselling author, course creator and mentor and is the founder of Joy Evolution & Dancing Into Being, and Co-founder of The Radiant Evolution Collective. 

Week 3 - The Toolbox

Erika So

Day 15: How To Dismantle Overwhelm

Erika is a Happiness Coach and teaches people all over how to change their life to be what they dream of it being.

As a middle school science teacher, Erika was tired & in tears from always putting others first. She had a habit of saying Yes to everyone else, which meant she was constantly saying No to herself. 

Realizing something had to change, she figured out how to schedule happiness. Now, she helps her clients & scholars do the same. 

Xena Jones

Day 16: Having Your Own Back

Xena is a Confidence Coach for Women and host of the You Are F*cking Brilliant podcast. 

Xena helps strong, independent women, like herself, to finally let their guards down and address the areas of their lives that they have been avoiding. She teaches women how to be more confident using her 5 step proven process. She is on a mission to teach women all over the globe how to have their own backs and create genuine self-confidence that has heads turning and people saying ‘who is that’ when walking into a room. 

Xena certified as a Coach in 2016 with The Life Coach School and lives in beautiful Papamoa Beach, New Zealand with her partner. 

Melonie Benjamins

Day 17: Discovering Your Voice 

Melonie is a certified teacher, life coach and organizational specialist. She has over 15 years in education, both teaching and training children and adults. 

She is also founder of Mirrors and Bridges, LLC - The Transformation Company. She helps women relieve stress as they navigate through a new season. Her specialties include transforming your life, home or business, transitioning to a new career or getting your life in order as you recover from depression, anxiety or religious/spiritual post-traumatic stress.

Melonie brings calm to your storm and helps you navigate back to a healthy 

Debbie Burns

Day 18: Rewrite Your Own Set of Rules & Let Go Cultural Norms That Hold you Back

Debbie Burns is a Seer-empath, Soul Guide, and molotov cocktail in Hello Kitty packaging. She leads driven creators back to magic. To the Happily EPIC After beyond all the rule books where we get to live in our most authentic expression, freedom, fulfillment, and joy today -- not someday. 

International bestselling author of The Path to Courage, Deb knows the fears, doubts, setbacks, and resistance we experience when we choose to say “Yes!” to ourselves. Even more, she knows how to get insane results and quick breakthroughs for those she serves. 
Deb will show you how to believe in yourself and your magic so strongly the world can’t help but believe in you too.

Lisa Haisha

Day 19: True Wealth Is A State Of Mind

I’m a life coach, author, transformational speaker, TV host and avid traveler, with an MA in Spiritual Psychology. My fascination with people has taken me to over 60 countries, where I’ve worked in everything from boardrooms to yurts helping people make shift happen in their lives. Much of this humanitarian work can be found on my website I’m also the Chair(wo)man of Silicon Valley’s Pitch Global L.A. chapter and frequently work with entrepreneurs helping them manifest change.

In addition to private coaching and retreats, I’ve interviewed and filmed dozens of movers-and-shakers and out-of-the-box thinkers to explore what makes them tick. The Legacy series led to the Amazon Originals SoulBlazing with Lisa Haisha and the latest two seasons: Conversations with Master Teachers and Encounters with Metaphysical Healers. 

Niki Alexandrou

Day 20: Discover Your Strengths and Lead with Impact. 

Niki is a leadership coach, speaker, mentor and lawyer. In her coaching practice, Niki works
with team leaders, executives and enterpreneurs experiencing a shift in their careers – and
with businesses who want to support them. Her mission is to support impact driven
professionals in discovering and living into their strengths so that they can thrive! She is
accreditated by the US International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a member of WBECS
Group of executive coaching and leadership.
Niki is also a Regional Co-leader for “Lean In Network, Greece (Athens)”, the Greek arm of
the international women empowerment organization “Lean In”. Her primary mandate as
Lean In Co-leader is developing the network for high impact, partnering with organizations
and companies around Greece who are committed to creating more equal workplaces and
supporting women leaders in their roles.

She is Cypriot by nationality and mother to 4 boisterous boys.

Stacey Murphy

Day 21: The Man Cove Formula: The Road Map To A Man's Commitment

Stacey is your Love & Intimacy Coach, who’s better known as the “Queen of Juicy Love”. In 2021, Stacey was listed on Yahoo Top 10 Love Coaches to look out for. Stacey considers herself a ‘recovered perfectionists’ who was slaying life the hard way with masculine energy. Now, Stacey teaches professional women how to enjoy life the easy way coming from their feminine power by feeling strong, seductive, and charismatic in the presence of high-caliber men. This allows her clients to live in harmony with their Beloved vs being in competition with him. Being a certified Love Mystic and Sex Coach, Stacey shows women how to integrate love, sex, and money into a powerful cocktail contributing to relationship success.

And, through the 7 pillars of her Quality Man GPS System, women learn how to attract and maintain a happy & juicy relationship that will stand the test of time. 


Inarra Aryane Griffyn

Energy Shift Practice

Inarra Aryane Griffyn helps Visionaries become New Earth Influencers. The CVO of two companies Millionaire Yogi and The New Earth Visionaries and Awoken TV’s Visionary Officer, Inarra is a digital events producer for the new digital era of online events. She teaches how to plan your events with the cycles of the Moon, Sun and ancient Rituals. This is Perfect Timing and produces quantum results. Her creative style of event planning using the best of creative platforms means her clients have been able to successfully pivot from live in the flesh to global interactive festivals, events and conferences.

 Inarra is a published author most recently of The Little Book Of Influence, out Feb 2021 on Amazon.

A public speaker on Spiritual Business. She uses the High Priestess archetype and runs ceremonies and rituals with the rhythm the moon, sun and seasons. She mentors the 11 Kings a program initiating men into the mastery of cyclical magic. 

Having shape-shifted many times she has run a successful property development company in London UK reaching 7 million, written 4 books and is a Branding Expert. She lives in London UK and runs spiritual retreats in Bali, Glastonbury and Tulum, Mexico.

Contact Inarra at 

Brenda Hattingh

Rewiring Your Success DNA 

Dr. Brenda Hattingh brings you How to recover your DNA Success-blueprint and create the quality of
life you were created for. Her exciting career as keynote speaker, teacher, coach, mentor, facilitator, author, and organizational and business developer, as helped and inspired thousands of people – just like you – including leaders, companies organizations, and global businesses, over more than twenty years.
Her sound academic background with a B.Sc. degree in Medical Science, a Master’s degree in Adult
Education, and a Ph.D. in Psychology makes her highly qualified to bring the latest research and
cutting edge information on how to recover your original, authentic, DNA success-blue print, to the
However, it is her personal experience that brings credibility to her work on DNA recovery. She was
bedridden and paralyzed for eleven months after fracturing her neck in an accident. By
implementing her newfound information, skills, and tools, Brenda not only healed herself and
started to walk again, but she also redefined who she is and redesigned her life. Today she brings
this cutting-edge information to those who are ready to redesign their lives by recovering their
original DNA success blueprint.

Brenda has published more than seventeen books, including the series on Authentic Living and
Leading. She has also lectured at various universities while transforming companies and
organizations. She has also received various awards including the prestigious Professional Business
Woman of the Year Award.

Brenda is committed to bringing this cutting-edge information to those who are ready to live their
best lives. You are invited to join this adventure.

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